Gyason is a New York based musician who was born in Mount Vernon and raised in the Bronx. He started playing music at a young age, starting with classical and jazz flute in middle school. He took Jazz at Lincoln Center's Middle School Jazz Academy, which opened up a world of possibility for him. However, after years of playing, he began craving for independence and creativity that the flute could not give him. Therefore, he moved on to the guitar while attending the Celia Cruz Bronx High School. Gyason taught himself to play the guitar through creating original tunes. Completely unconcerned with theory and technique, he formed a unique style that is still apparent today. His use of fingerpicking, harmonics, alternate chords, and incorporating percussive elements gives his songs a different dimension and sound. While enrolled at Pace University, he continued to write songs and cultivated an interest in recording and electronic music. Although his studies consumed most of his time, he still played sporadically because music was always on the back of his mind. Post-graduation, Gyason became employed as a data analyst and has since started to experiment with Ableton Live. Currently, he combines his unique acoustic sound with his new found love for electronic production. He describes his music as Acousta-Lectric-Indie-Mo-Pop